Doyle Window Tinting installs 3M Window Film Products in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

3M Anti-Graffiti Films

Graffiti artists target more than just brick walls, traffic signs, phone booths, and sidewalks – they also target glass doors and windows. But unlike those other targets, graffiti on glass is quickly and easily erased with the use of 3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film. Installed on glazed surfaces susceptible to vandalism, Anti-Graffiti film is a clear polyester laminate that is invisible to graffiti artists. The vandal believes that he has made an artistic statement that can not easily be removed but in actuality has sprayed the protective laminate. After removing the damaged film, the glass is exposed to reveal a graffiti-free piece of glass and is ready for a new film covering. Installation, removal, and re-installation is a fraction of the cost of glass replacement or general graffiti abatement.

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