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Privacy Window Films

In Window Film Products by Dan Spada

Utter the word “privacy” in the presence of any 3M Window Film Dealer, and the first thing that’s bound to pop into their mind is an image of one of the many different frosted Fasara films-commonly referred to as “decorative window films” or “privacy window films”—from 3M. 3M Fasara Decorative Window Films offer dozens of choices from the standard frost/matte …

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Slow Down Intruders with Security Window Film

In Window Film Benefits, Window Film Products by Dan Spada

Windows can be beautiful to look out of in either residential or commercial settings but they are also invitations to unwanted guests. Glass is very easy to break through and offers immediate access to your home or building. Slow down intruders with 3M Safety and Security Window Films. 3M Safety and Security Window Films form an invisible barrier when installed …

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How Does Window Film Work?

In Window Film Technology by Dan Spada

What is window film? Window film is an adhesive layer that can be applied to your glass windows. Window tint is used to: Increase energy efficiency Strengthen security Protect residents or tenants in the event of a heavy storm or acute impact Improve comfort as a result of better temperature control and reduced glare Reduce UV exposure and protect your …