Decorative & Privacy Film

Glass is not only inefficient, but it also lacks privacy. Many companies turn to pricey options such as acid etching to create a frosted appearance and cloud visibility. But the application of 3M’s Fasara and Scotchcal Window Films comes at a fraction of the cost and produces the same result.

50+ Design Options

Choose from a variety of 3M’s Fasara and Scotchdal finishes to mimic the appearance of etched, textured, or sandblasted glass. And unlike acid etching, you can create patterns such as company logos or geometric shapes for added visual effect as well as branding.

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The Value of Privacy

Your office is buzzing from the moment you walk in the door to the second you step out. Create the perfect aesthetic for your office and incorporate the sense of privacy you need. Our films vary from translucent to opaque, so you can create the level of privacy you need for your workplace.

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