How to Prevent Sun Glare

In Window Film Benefits by Dan Spada

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The Problem with Glare

You pull up a chair to the breakfast table, set the Saturday paper next to your eggs and toast, and whip out your phone to respond to the text your daughter sent you after she decided to spend the night at her friend’s place. But there’s a problem. You can’t read the words in your daughter’s text. The reflection on your phone is making it impossible to see anything on the screen. Likewise, the sunlight pouring through your windows is so intense that you can’t even enjoy your morning paper. In the window film industry, we refer to that type of light as “glare.”

When sun glare becomes so uncomfortably bright that it interrupts your normal routine, there are a few options you can consider. The most common solution, of course, is to simply close the curtains or shades. The downside to this is that shades and curtains often block nearly all of the natural light, and having too little light in the room can be just as aggravating as having too much. What’s more, shades and curtains are typically susceptible to damage from the sun. This is particularly true for curtains and shades that are very dark in color or made from certain fine materials. For example, silk is a very delicate material that fades relatively quickly when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Stop Sun Glare with Sun Control Window Film

The good news is that not only can window films substantially reduce the damage inflicted on your curtains and shades by excessive sunlight, but they can also reduce the glare by more than 80%. All of the 3M Sun Control Window Films that we offer block 99% of the ultraviolet light, which helps to drastically slow the rate of sun damage to your curtains, shades, floors and furniture. For glare reduction, clients will normally want to go with a medium or dark tint that blocks no less than 50% of the daylight. Two of the most popular 3M Sun Control Window Films that we offer to residential clients—Night Vision 35 and Neutral 35—both reduce glare by approximately 60%. For skylights and other elevated window panes, clients may opt for a darker window film like Night Vision 25, which reduces glare by approximately 72%. And in commercial settings, we sometimes go even darker than that depending on the client’s other needs.

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