Privacy Window Films

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Utter the word “privacy” in the presence of any 3M Window Film Dealer, and the first thing that’s bound to pop into their mind is an image of one of the many different frosted Fasara films-commonly referred to as “decorative window films” or “privacy window films”—from 3M.

3M Fasara Decorative Window Films offer dozens of choices from the standard frost/matte films to graduation, striped, dotted and Japanese fabric. In addition to the privacy and decorative aspects of 3M Fasara films, they all reduce ultraviolet rays by 99%, which in turn helps to substantially reduce the fading of floors, carpets, artwork and pictures and extends their life cycles by significant margins.

Now in addition to the privacy aspect, you can decorate your windows and improve the aesthetics of interior and exterior spaces in both commercial and residential settings! Whether it’s a bathroom with a large window situated alongside a busy residential road, a conference room with a wall of glass that hugs the front lobby of your office building, or a series of hospital patient rooms with windows facing the parking lot, there are dozens of Fasara films that can provide the privacy you’re looking for while simultaneously transforming your windows into stylish works of art.

Fasara films are also popular choices for banks, government buildings and other spaces where discretion and confidentiality are of particular importance.

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