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3M™ Prestige Sun Control Films

The 3M Prestige series offers 99.9% rejection of UV rays, preserving your property and protecting your skin. It also reduces interior and exterior reflectivity so you can better enjoy the view outside your windows while still experiencing the host of benefits provided by window films.

With the Prestige Series, your home’s or office's exterior stays beautiful and from the interior, your view is as clear as your original window.

3M™ All Season Window Films

Window films don't just block heat and save energy during the summer months - they also block the cold and keep your space warm during the winter. 3M's All Season Window Films reflect manmade heat back inside during winter and keep the sun's heat out during summer. This can reduce heat loss by up to 30%, saving you money and improving occupant comfort. An added benefit to this energy-efficiency is less strain on your heating and cooling system, as your window film helps to maintain indoor temperatures.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Films

Thinsulate™ is an established 3M brand that implies insulation from the cold and its materials are commonly found in winter clothing. 3M has now introduced Thinsulate™ Climate Control 75 Sun Control Window Film for both residential and commercial applications.

Normal window films keep out the summer heat. Thinsulate™ Climate Control 75 does the same and more! This product also helps in retaining the heat your building or home produces from your heating system. Manmade radiant heat ultimately travels to cooler temperatures, meaning it is trying to escape to the outside. And it will escape through the path of least resistance which is more likely to be your windows and doors.

3M Thinsulate™ Window Films lower that heat loss. Installing Thinsulate™ Climate Control 75 Window Film on your windows and doors is almost like adding an extra of glass; turning single pane into double pane and double pane into triple pane. And this is done without the high cost or disruption of window replacement. In addition, you are not really changing the window's appearance.

3M Thinsulate™ Climate Control 75 Window Film provides you with comfort and energy savings 12 months a year!

3M™ Safety & Security Films

3M™ Safety & Security Window Films are clear, invisible, and are applied to the inside of a glass door or window. If the glass were to break, it would most likely break in place without being spread all over the floor or ground. 3M Window Films are becoming increasingly popular in schools to help deter forced entry.

Deterring Smash and Grab Crime

A homeowner's or retailer's worst fear is unwanted entry. Needing only a few seconds, burglars most often gain entry through a window or glass door. However, because 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films hold glass in place, more time would be required for a robber to gain access into your home or office. Given that delay, the would-be thief is most likely to move to another target.


Coastal areas are subject to natural windstorms such as hurricanes and tornadoes. These high winds propel miscellaneous debris at high speeds. Many times this debris can come through a home's or office's window and threaten the safety of those inside. Because 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films help to hold glass in place, building occupants are now safer. These films have been tested to Miami-Dade standards and have passed the small missile impact test.


Safety and Security Window Film, otherwise known as Fragment Retention Film, was credited for saving many lives during the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Glass nearby to an explosion may implode at high velocities in tiny shards, acting as daggers, and prove fatal to building occupants. In fact, this is the second highest cause of death in a terrorist attack, next to the trampling effect whereby the floor above collapses.

In the event of a bomb blast, the possibility of the entire glass pane being blown inward is greater after the installation of 3M Window Film. This is still safer than glass imploding in tiny shards. However, the use of an attachment system decreases this likelihood.

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3M™ FASARA™ Decorative Films

Add style to your space with 3M’s decorative films. 3M’s Fasara™ and Crystal Window Films are glass finishes that produce the same aesthetic result as acid etching at a fraction of the cost. With these films, you can choose from a variety of patterns or you can create your own design, such as your company logo. These finishes vary in opacity so you can choose how much privacy you need.

3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film

Installed on glazed surfaces susceptible to vandalism, Anti-Graffiti film is a clear polyester laminate that is invisible to graffiti artists. The vandal believes that he has made an artistic statement that can not easily be removed, but in actuality has sprayed the protective laminate.

After removing the damaged film, the glass is exposed to reveal a graffiti-free piece of glass and is ready for a new film covering. Installation, removal, and reinstallation is a fraction of the cost of glass replacement or general graffiti abatement.

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