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Slow Down Intruders with Security Window Film

In Window Film Benefits, Window Film Products by Dan Spada

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Windows can be beautiful to look out of in either residential or commercial settings but they are
also invitations to unwanted guests. Glass is very easy to break through and offers immediate access to
your home or building. Slow down intruders with 3M Safety and Security Window Films.

3M Safety and Security Window Films form an invisible barrier when installed on the inside pane of glass
offering protection by holding the glass together should it shatter. Security window films are not ballistic
meaning they do not stop bullets, however, these films will buy you time to either contact your local
police or set off security alarms. According to local police departments, main entrances, 1 st floor
windows and any door or sliders are candidates for these films.

These security window films are also excellent protection against flying objects from storms or hurricanes.

3M, the inventor of window film, has the most diverse line of security window film products in the
industry. You can install a completely transparent film that cannot be detected on glass or a tinted
product that in addition to the security aspects offers daytime privacy.

Doyle Window Tinting is the Delaware Valley’s Largest 3M Dealer. We are proud to provide our
clients in the residential, commercial and government markets with products that meet their
needs and exceed their expectations. To learn more about window film or schedule an appointment
for a free estimate, give us a call today or get in touch on our contact page.

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