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Will Window Film Break My Windows?

In Window Film Products by Dan Spada

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The potential for window breakage is a very common and perfectly understandable concern that often crosses people’s minds when they’re thinking about having their windows tinted. To be clear, window films can cause a window to break, but only under certain circumstances.

Dark Window Films

When windows do break as a result of being tinted, the film in question is usually a very dark film that captures or reflects a very high percentage of solar heat. Our company does not use those films for residential applications. For commercial jobs, we may offer a very dark film if the customer is trying to compensate for extreme heat and/or glare resulting from excessive sunlight. But again, it is rare that such a film is necessary to achieve the building owner’s objectives.

Virtually Clear Window Film

Window breakage almost never happens with lighter films. They don’t capture enough heat to cause any structural issues within the window itself. Additionally, single-pane windows are not prone to breakage for the simple reason that a tinted, single-pane window doesn’t endure the same heat build- up that a tinted, double-pane window might experience between its two pieces of glass.

3M™ Glass Breakage Checklist

If there’s any question as to whether it’s safe to apply a specific type of film to a specific type of window, we will refer to the 3M™ Glass Breakage Checklist. If that test determines that it isn’t safe to apply a specific film to the glass, we will inform the client and offer an alternative film. However, it is important to bear in mind that some windows just shouldn’t be tinted.

We almost never come across those windows, especially in residential settings. But when we do, we point them out to our clients right away. Having said all of that, bad luck can strike from time to time. It’s just a fact of life.

3M™ Warranty Protection

3M™ certainly understands that, which is why our window film installations come with a $500-per-pane warranty for glass breakage. The warranty is good for 5 years and is backed not by the individual dealer, but by 3M™ itself. This way you can rest assured that even if you’re one of the very few unlucky clients who does experience window breakage resulting from the application of one of our films, 3M™ has you covered. Fortunately, the odds that you’ll ever need to take advantage of that warranty are extraordinarily low.

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