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Is Window Film More Expensive Than New Windows?

In Window Film Benefits by Dan Spada

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Would it really cost more to install window film in your home or office than it would brand new windows? Truthfully, it’s highly unlikely that you would ever find yourself in that situation.

Cheap Windows vs. High Quality Window Film

The only scenario in which a window film would potentially cost more than a brand new set of windows is if you are comparing a top-of-the-line window film to a bottom-of-the-line window manufacturer. And there are indeed some very cheap windows (with questionable quality) that you could consider, but few business or homeowners would choose that route.

If you’re at a point where you feel you must upgrade your windows, you’re not going to opt for the cheapest available product. There is little point in investing any money into such a big project if you aren’t sure that you’ll receive a reasonable return on that investment. And that’s where window films come into the picture.

High-Quality Windows vs. High-Quality Window Film

In the majority of cases, our most popular 3M™ residential and commercial window films will cost you substantially less than brand new windows of comparable quality. In fact, many of the jobs we do are for home and business owners who have received estimates for new windows. But most decide to install window film because it’s more affordable and just as effective.

That’s not to say that there aren’t times when replacing your old windows with new windows makes more sense than installing a film. For instance, if there are structural issues related to your windows that no window film could fix, it would be silly to not install new windows! However, when you’re looking for a way to deal with the problems that can arise from too much sunlight (excessive glare, heat, or fading of your floors and furniture), you ought to consider a 3M™ window film. These films can provide you with the solution you’re looking at a much lower cost than brand new windows.

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